Excerpt One

The thesis that will be set forth in this book is that since the Bible consisting of the Old and New Testament is the Word of God, the believer can be certain that the Scriptures are authoritative and sufficient. Consequently, the Bible is the final court of appeal when seeking for truth. Neither the church nor the state should bind the consciences of men to non-biblical doctrine.

Excerpt Two

From Chapter 12:
Do we witness to Mormons and other non-believers by appealing to a body of supposed neutral facts and then ask them to objectively consider the evidence and then expect them to embrace the Christian faith? This may sound reasonable, but it does not take into account the nature of fallen man. Will someone with a fallen nature be able to objectively look at the claims and demands set forth in the Word of God? If not, how do we get beyond this seemingly insurmountable problem? I will attempt to deal with these questions as we move through the material.

Excerpt Three

My reference manual will give Christians a hands-on tool that will help them prepare to witness to Mormons on a variety of important topics. My work is uniquely different from the chapter on Mormonism in the fine academic work, The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin.